GenNext Human Resource Development, Assessment and Certification Platform

Skill Enhancements
Industry Readiness
Corporate Connects

Opening new Door of Opportunities!

To gain critical skills and desired knowledge

Skill Enhancement Programs

Advanced Learning Courses

Chartered Engineer Certification

Guidelines and

ISO Certification and Accreditation

Frameworks and Implementations

Environmental Laws, Policies and Management

Guidelines and Compliance

Free Engineering Courses

To get recognition and priviledge to stand out as Professional

Certification Programs

Solar Chartered Engineer Certification

Green Ambassador Program

Green Mentorship Program

In collaboration with

National & International Bodies / Societies

To benchmark as per industry standards

Certified Assessment and Corporate Connect

National Employability Assessment Test for Diploma Engineers & Professionals

National Employability Assessment Test for Commerce, Accounting & Finance

PAN India

Certified Employability Assessment Tests

Computer Based Exam

from PAN India Exam Venues

Uniform & Transparent

evaluation system & process

PAN India Talent Pool

of employable candidates

Visibility to Recruiters

through placement partners

Employability Score Card

to Qualified and Successful candidates

Certification of Merit

to Good Scorers across disciplines & trades

Awards & Scholarships

to deserving candidates across geographies

Endorsement & Recommendation

of Top Scorers to potential recruiters
What are the eminent personalities saying ? It's all about employability skills, competence and attitude, to be developed to get a descent job and to have a proper mechanism of identifying employable and prospective talent from the common pool.
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