Chartered Engineer Certification – Guidelines and Preparation

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Chartered Engineer Certification – Guidelines and Preparation

About Course

In this course the enrolled participants will be able to understand the basic aspects of Chartered Engineer certification and it’s recognition and acceptance of one’s Techno Academic Qualifications and Professional attainment on a global platform.

Chartered Engineers (CEng) develop solutions to complex engineering problems using new or existing technologies, through innovation, creativity, technical analysis and change and/or they may have technical accountability for complex systems with significant levels of risk.

What Will You Learn?

  • Details of Certification with issuing Authorities
  • Roles & Responsibilities of a Chartered Engineer
  • Recognition & Acceptance of the Certification with various Authorities
  • Empanelment and various other Opportunities in India and abroad
  • Interview Preparation for Certification

Course Content

Chartered Engineer | Introduction

  • The benefits of becoming a Chartered Engineer
  • The advantages to become a Chartered Engineer
  • Opportunities for Chartered Engineer in India & aboard
  • About Solar Chartered Engineer
  • Issuing authorities of Chartered Engineer Certificate globally
  • Differences between Chartered Engineer and Professional Engineer
  • The differences among Valuer, Assessor & Lender Independent Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities | Lender’s Independent Engineer (LE / LIE)

Roles & Responsibilities | Valuer

Roles & Responsibilities | Assessor and Technical Auditor

Reference Videos

Renewable Energy | The Emerging Domain

Renewable Energy | More Information

Interview Preparation

Other References

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Student Ratings & Reviews

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12 hours ago
1 month ago
This material was very good. I learned a lot from course. It is very benificial for everyone.
1 month ago
I expected more real-world examples and practical applications to help me connect the theory to practice.
1 month ago
As a professional engineer, I needed to prepare for a challenging licensing exam. The preparation guidelines provided me with a clear road-map for studying and practicing.
1 month ago
As someone with prior experience as Chartered Engineer, I enrolled in this course to enhance my skills. Unfortunately, I found the content to be too basic. The lack of downloadable resources made it difficult to review the material later.
1 month ago
Excellent course.
1 month ago
I recently completed this online learning course and while there were some positive aspects, there were also areas that could use improvement. The content itself was fairly comprehensive. However, I did encounter a few modules where the explanations were a bit unclear, leaving me feeling a bit lost. Overall, I did gain some valuable insights from the course.
1 month ago
Thank you for your valuable information and guidance, It is very helpful.
1 month ago
The course platform was user-friendly and intuitive, making navigation and access to materials seamless.
The course content was comprehensive and well-organized, making it easy to follow and understand.
1 month ago
The resources provided, including reading materials and supplementary videos, enriched my understanding.
1 month ago
The course materials were well-designed, and I appreciate having access to them even after the course ended.
1 month ago
Thank you for this courseware. You have made my study easy as I can study at any time.
The support team was slow to respond to my inquiries, leaving me frustrated.
1 month ago
Thank you so much for taking the time to create this excellent and detailed tutorial.
1 month ago
The course lacked clear explanations for some of the more complex topics, leaving me feeling confused.
1 month ago
The course exceeded my expectations by providing valuable insights beyond what was promised.
1 month ago
The course's emphasis on critical thinking challenged me to analyze and evaluate information more deeply.
1 month ago
The resources provided, including reading materials and supplementary videos, enriched my understanding.
1 month ago
I'm leaving this course with not only new knowledge but also a renewed passion for the subject. Thank you for an inspiring experience.

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