SESI – Senior Green Ambassador Program

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SESI – Senior Green Ambassador Program

About Course

In this program, enrolled participants will learn about various aspects of Renewable Energy sources and its applications. On successful completion of the same, they will be be certified as Green Ambassadors with GREEN Scores and GREEN Grades by The Solar Energy Society of India (SESI), the Indian section of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES).

Green Ambassadors are the flag-bearers and volunteer leaders, committed to motivate others to become more Energy efficient, to adopt Environment-friendly lifestyle and to use Green Energy in their day-to-day life.

  • To create the awareness of the significance of Renewable Energy among the students
  • To help the youngsters to learn the basic concepts of Renewable Energy and apply it in their day-to-day lives, wherever possible
  • To motivate them to be the flag-bearers of Green Energy and create the awareness within the Society
  • To participate in sustainable development and realize the dream of One World, One Sun, One Grid
  • To take small steps towards a better tomorrow
Benefits for the participants
  • PAN India Green Grading & Scoring
  • Preparation for future solar entrepreneurship
  • Learning new things, fundamentally
  • Improved academic performance
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Broader social skills, better community involvement
  • Enhances the sense of commitment
  • Engagement with the futuristic field of studies
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What Will You Learn?

  • Conventional and Non Conventional Energy sources
  • Basic Concepts, Theory and Characteristics of Non Conventional Energy Sources
  • Geographical factors, Global & Indian scenarios of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Comparisons, Usages, Applications, Advantages & Dis-advantages
  • Power & Electricity Generations from Green Energy Sources
  • Power Transmission, Distribution & Storage
  • Climate Change & Global Warming
  • Green / Renewable Energy and Sustainable Developments

Course Content


  • Energy | Definition
  • Conventional Sources of Energy
  • Non-Conventional Sources of Energy
  • Renewable Energy | Definition
  • Different types of Renewable Energy Sources
  • TEST 1

Conventional Energy | Basic Details

Solar Energy | Basic & Advanced Details and it’s Applications

Wind Energy | Basic & Advanced Details and it’s Applications

Bio Energy | Basic & Advanced Details and it’s Applications

Geothermal Energy | Basic & Advanced Details and it’s Applications

Tidal Energy | Basic & Advanced Details and it’s Applications

Electricity & Energy Efficiency

Climate Change and Sustainable Developments


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3 days ago
Good experience
3 days ago
Yes , the course was very good and it gives us the basic knowledge about our world and how we are destroying our own lives and how we could reduce the damage are make our earth a better place to live
4 days ago
Its a very interesting course.
5 days ago
It was a good learning experience
It was such a wonderful experience . And i am the future of this world. It is my duty and pride to protect planet Earth. I will keep my surroundings clean.
7 days ago
Good information of environment green energy for future renewebal sastanabal energy saving arth and carban neutral India
1 week ago
2 days ago
Dear, It is really a very good insights of power sector and important of Renewable Energy to combat against Global Warming by reducing Carbon Footprint on Earth. And to achieve Carbon Neutral Goal of India. My suggestion is to include the following topics in Green Ambassador course, 1. Hydrogen Fuel and Fuel Cell, Types of Hydrogen fuel, Generation Process, Usages, Green Hydrogen Future etc etc 2. Electric Vehicles and Driving/motorised options like Regular Batteries, Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Supercapacitors Batteries. And, also would like to suggest that please arrange to provide a Wearable \"Green Ambassador Badge\", along with a certificate, as the certificate will be only part of the portfolio file, whereas a wearable badge will promote Green Energy at various levels... Thanks. Regards..
1 week ago