A Platform for Professional, Academic and Personal Development

Professional Development

For Engineers, Working Professionals, Consultants, Subject Matter Experts, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Sustainable Development

Flagship initiative for School, College & University Students to participate in Sustainable Development

Technical Development

Helps aspiring candidates to recapitulate and improve fundamental knowledge on various subjects


Flexibility of Web with Experience of Native App

Mobile Web App


from the Smartphone Browser
Install and Add to Home Screen
No App Store, No Version Update

Fast & Reliable

Stay tuned 24x7, Easy to Use
Works in poor Network
Compatible with iOS & Android
How to Download
Open www.neatmet.com from your Mobile browser (preferably Google Chrome)
Tap 'Add NEATmet to Home Screen' popup at bottom
Tap 'Install' button to download the App
Confirm and the App will be downloaded on your Smartphone Home Screen

Get in touch for any kind of help and information

Our Business Address

CALNESTOR Knowledge Solutions
ST-33, Awfis Space (6th floor)
EcoSpace Business Park (Block 2A)
New Town, Kolkata – 700160

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[ Mon - Fri : 10am - 6pm ]
(+91) 33 4006 0739
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