Can’t Students Still Cheat on Online Proctored Exams?

There are many ways in which online proctoring can make the act of cheating much harder to achieve than in a test centre through the right monitoring system.

For starters, with a remote proctoring system or setup, the ratio of candidates to proctor is much lower, so they are being observed much more closely for suspicious behavior in the room. For example, a proctor may monitor only 6 test takers at a time. Whereas in a test centre, an in-person proctor may be trying to monitor hundreds of candidates.

Another interesting factor with remote proctoring is that while the proctor can see the candidate clearly, the test taker cannot see the live proctor. In a test centre, a candidate can watch where the proctor is in a room, and when they are looking away during a session, could check a hidden note for example. In the online scenario, the candidate has no idea if or when there is a moment they could “safely” check something.

The other thing to consider is that even with live proctoring, the session is recorded. If any test takers have had an infringement raised by a live proctor during the exam session, but challenges this, the recording can be reviewed later by the examining body.

With a live remote proctoring approach and a low candidate to proctor ratio, exam integrity is maintained at a very high level and it is easier to verify results.

Instructors and live proctors can also be used to search for and request the removal of leaked materials that could impact exam integrity..

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