Advantages of Computer Based Test (CBT)

Whether the era followed the Gurukul system, or the chalkboard learning system, tests or examinations remained an integral part of the system. Even a couple of decades before, the traditional pen-and-paper model was the primary mode of conducting an examination. However, with the evolution of computers and the internet, companies and professionals have devised alternative ways of administering more convenient and time-efficient tests. Computer Based Test (CBT) refers to delivering assessments with computers as an alternative to pen-paper methods. Professionals and industries administer the test using the internet or a computer-aided facility to evaluate and analyze a candidate’s performance, skill, and capability. The test has multiple-choice questions, explanatory answers, and an analytics-based questionnaire.
Computer-based tests offer a multitude of advantages. Some of the notable advantages include the following:

Large-scale delivery of tests

During the interview process, applicants appear for the written assessment as a part of the interview. The process takes a long to conclude. However, with Computer Based Test Software, organizations can host a large-scale assessment online without waiting individually. Besides saving time, it helps in conducting quality online examinations and assessments.

Auto grading

The auto-grading feature of the Computer Based Test system eliminates the scope of human error and the hassle of allotting evaluation duties to the examiners. Besides, one can easily auto-grade the multiple-choice questions, helping organizations to churn out real-time reports. It saves considerable time in evaluating a large number of answer sheets.

Dynamic and individual assessments

Trainers in an organization can create personalized and customized tests for individual employees. One can mold each question’s difficulty level depending on the learners’ previous responses. Students and instructors cancan also resolve queries, conduct oral assessments through other assorted applications, and share their personal views and opinions.

Well-organized and smooth process

A traditional examination entails lengthy and multiple tasks. It starts with preliminary preparations that begin months before the tests, such as securing the facilities, hiring invigilators for examination halls, and creating question papers, followed by careful storage and security. The post-examination process is equally time-consuming and tedious. However, Computer Based Test processes are automated and streamlined effectively.

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